The Tenants

mredMr. Ed is the trailer park manager. He is the epitome of the slum lord. Mr.Ed Wears the wife beater and allows a transient to live in their common area because he pays him $5 a month rent. Mr. Ed doesn't even help when during the rains, trailer 17 started to float down the park. He claims he is allergic to mud. He likes to touch people inappropriately when talking to them. He loves money. Played by Ed Baccari.


julianaJuliana has lived in Paradise Drive for 12 years. Two years ago her dog 'Lola' died. She keeps the brain in the freezer wrapped in pink and blue Saran wrap with a pink pom-pom on top and behind the T-bone steak. She wants to save enough money to have the brain cryogenically saved. Juliana is such an animal lover, she has taken the place of rats in the make-up testing. This has saved a few rats, earned her a few bucks and caused a few side effects. She is rumored to be the heiress to the Quaker Oats fortune. Played by Juliana Bellinger.

tricyTricy, a gay middle aged guy that lives with his mother. His big goal is to be selected for Extreme, Extreme Makeover and Home Edition. He needs to look as pathetic as possible. He regularly gets abducted by aliens! He is currently recovering from Smarty's addiction. Played by David Trice.




Fredericka gives ancient remedies, tarot card and star reading advise to all the residents. She is attending VooDoo U and getting her degree in white magic. An animal lover she failed her sacrificing class' because her teacher would not take an artichoke heart nor a heart of palm nor a lettuce heart in the place of an animal heart to complete her final. She may have found love in the captain of the soccer team, 'Lucky'.  Played by Fredericka Meek.



Amy is an "occupational therapist". She tries out job after job and can't decide what she wants to do. She went to 'mall school' and got her GED, and steals other people's mail to practice her reading. Easily influenced, after seeing Jessica Simpson in 'The Dukes of Hazzard', she became a Southern Belle. Helping Stephanie with her boxing she was put into a coma, during her treatment her breathalyzer  broke down giving her brain damage in the way of multiple personalities. Played by Amy Harmon.

davidrD.C. is Amy's brother. They live with their pill popping, drinking Aunt Laura whom no one has ever seen. A white, skinny 16 year old wannabe rapper. He needs street creds and good callabin'. He has been known to wait in line at 3:00 in the morning to get egg crates to try and build a music studio. He was bummed when the manager put a trailer on the shuffle board court, where he was planning to build it. Played by David Buchan (left).  In episode one, Amy's brother was Cole, played by Cole Evan Weiss (right).


crystalCrystal Gail, played by Laura Walsh, moved into trailer 22 1/2 with her daughter Liana, played by Liana Liberato. She wants Liana to be a big Hollywood star. Liana wants nothing to do with acting or being a star. She would prefer to be an apprentice to Fredericka and learn the art of spells and voodoo. When Crystal talks no one can get a word in edgewise. She has been re-birthed and re-parented by a do-it-yourself QVC video tape she bought at a garage sale and likes to do naked-yoga with the new trailer 11 guy.

davidDavid is a talented, but undiscovered stand-up comic. He spends every cent he makes on "keeping up with the Jones" and can't afford to move out of the trailer park. He does have a nice ride, nice clothes, nice watch and nice ladies. While doing a David Guest's guest impression, he was giving a two year contract in Branson, Missouri. Played by David Raibon.



Aunt Clara is a Reverend by mail order. She is David's and Stephanie's aunt. She moved here with Stephanie because she was having legal problems at her 'mansion'. She brags about having been  the 'lady of the house', where in reality she was the 'help'. She is always talking about the good old days at the mansion and all her 'famous' lovers she's had. Makes a mean lemonade. Played by Clara Holmes.



Stephanie wants to be a boxing champ. She does not like the color pink and popped her Uncle's eye out in church because he made her wear a pink, frilly dress. She went to visit Amy at the hospital after she put her into a coma, and had an anger attack. She's forced to attend anger management therapy and is doing community service until 2015. Amy's smart personality, Margaret, is appealing her case. Played by Stephanie Moore.


ramonRamon, a widow and a man of few words, was born in Montana but for some reason, everyone thinks he speaks English poorly and doesn't understand him.  He has found new love and happiness with his young trophy wife, Maritza. He is the richest tenant of the trailer park as he owns his own trailer and has his own telephone. Played by Ramon Hilario.


lydiaLydia is the daughter of Ramon. She is a mortician by trade. She has trouble finding a decent man. While in the 'Goth' period, she met someone on who turned out to be a wimp. He cried at chick flicks and threw up when she tried to get him to bite a head off a bat. She's recently graduated from M.U.T.T., Makeup for Theatrical and Television. She is coming to terms accepting her father's new wife Maritza. Played by Lydia Blanco.


maritzaMaritza, is the wife of Ramon and step mom to Lydia. She has the heart of gold, but just one taco short of a combination plate. She walks around in lingerie. She tries to get Lydia to like her. She painted her room, pink and then green because she claims "green is the new black". She is not dumb, she just sees life in her own way. She's always looking for ways to make her 'Ramoni' happy. Played by Maritza Graciela Brikisak.


Ron used to be a professional dancer until a terrible accident while performing his last quadruple pirouette with a slide. He slipped on the ice of Ice Castles and hit his head. The accident expanded his brain and became an inventor. He became homeless when his last invention failed and lost all his money on the law suit. He's the ugly brother of Mr. Ed and Guy. Played by Ron Eckert.


Guy is a collector of professions. He's a Dr. of Cryogenics, a Priest, a loan shark and sometimes the assistant manager of the trailer park. He's Mr. Ed and Ron's smart brother. Played by Guy Camilleri.



Viji is the first of Juliana wayward souls, that answered Juliana's ad in the laundry mat. She suffers from delusion and believes she's Mrs.Osama Bin Laden's wife.  Played by Viji Nathan.



Frank is Viji's son. The New Trailer 11 Guy! He is a nudist and a yoga practitioner. He does naked yoga with Crystal Gail and Mr. Ed. Played by Frank Maharajh.