Maritza was born in Santiago, Chile. Her mother was a school teacher at the time and her dad had an Import-Export business that allowed her to travel and visit many countries at a young age.   When Pinochet came to power, her father's business was affected and they moved to Caracas, Venezuela where she finished High School.   Always wanting the best for his children, her father sent her and brothers to study abroad.  She graduated from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada with a BA in Computing and Information Science.

Computers and her love for Fine Arts led her to Desk Top Publishing, Graphic Design and eventually Editing.

Her professional acting career began on the Stage with 'Theater 5' under the tutelage of Valerie Robertson, continued in Ottawa with 'Sears & Switzer' and progressed to Toronto with 'The Little Workshop' and Calvin Green who introduced her to the Meisner Technique.

Her husband's work gave her the opportunity to live in London, England, where she trained at Actors Center, with a variety of talented teachers. She accomplished three films while living there, one of them the pioneering film 'Janus'. The time was 1997, the longest film shown on the Internet was just four minutes, 'Janus' was to be the first ever film to run for half an hour!

Back to America, this time to USA, Northern California, the San Francisco Bay area. Once again she had the privilege to train with great teachers like Elaine Clark from 'Voice One', Terry McGovern and Ed Hooks. She consequently made her move to Los Angeles, and hasn't stopped working since.

Received a Best Editing award for the film "La Vida Por Un Rato de Placer' in 2007 and the Film 'Cuerda' where she plays Attorney Arianna Valdez, won a Golden Palm Award for best short in 2011.

She's lived in 3 continents, 9 cities, has had 14 different addresses and always the same e-mail!

Valid passports and dual Citizenship from Canada and USA. A retired fitness professional, enjoys working out; is part time couch potato, she loves movies and television; strategy games like Chess;  puzzle type games like Sudoku; trivia; video games and loves animals, her favorite are cats.