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2012 Dick's Oddity
GFC Productions
Iggy Villamar Director

Short Film produced by Los Angeles City College. It's December 20th, 2012. Living in the shadow of his motherís achievements as a well known psychic, it has been very difficult for Dick Burns to overcome his own lack of talent in the psychic realm. Setting out to find his own niche, Dick organizes a spiritual ceremony to receive the welcoming of the new era in harmony.

I play "Leonor Sabina", a Spiritual Leader performing the spiritual ceremony on the eve of December 21st, 2012 (The end of the Mayan Calendar).


In 2009, I had the fortune of being invited to the Broadway International Film Festival as a Special Guest.

I had the opportunity to present two of my short films. 

I introduced the films 'Easy A' by Austin Sheeley and '2012 Dick's Oddity' by Iggy Villamar.


Copy of Page 8 from the Program showing some of the guests, I am listed as Maritza Brikisak.


Screenshot of the Schedule showing my 2 films.

Click on the above image for a selected clip. 2:24secs long.

In this scene, I am explaining the cosmic significance of the event, when I notice that Dick is not paying attention because he's more interested in eating, I continue to describe the event in food terms.