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A Life Lived
Dir. Riley Wood
So thrilled to be part of this wonderful, feel good, heartwarming Family Film!

I am a huge fan of the interconnecting multiple story arcs. The uniqueness of this film is it's about a DOLLAR BILL: who possesses it, what do they do with it, many wonderful stories told.

I play 'LUPE', Elizabeth's caregiver played by Denise Richards.

Filmed in San Diego.




A Scorched Earth
Dir. Bill Philputt

'Days of the Dead's first big  horror film. Also in the film Academy Award winners Richard Dreyfuss and Lou Gossett Jr.


Sophie's Rules
Sophie Hagan, a retired nurse, turned her home into a Transitions Shelter. The lives of a terminally ill woman, an alcoholic magician, a PTSD veteran, a young drug addict and a grieving mother are explored in the 'Cottonwood' residence. I play the LEAD role of Sophie.



The Lurking Man
Cailean' struggled all her life trying to live with a personal trauma that is destroying her family and is making her lose her son, she is now dying and maybe able to redeem herself if she accepts 'Death' offer.

I play the title role of 'Cailean'.

We did an incredible Festival run: 95 wins, and 54 nominations.

I am the Executive producer, co-writer, editor, and lead actress in the film.





Erica's Crime
Dir Maritza Brikisak

Accused of murdering her own husband, Erica Stone doesn't get mad, she gets creative. She spins a tale of innocence so compelling; she almost believes it herself. Erica must reveal the truth to someone, that's where the audience comes in.

I play the LEAD role of Erica Stone. Currently in Pre-Production.








Dr. Gift
Dirs. Abel Berry & Jennifer Michelle Stone II|
80's slasher with a haunting ghost story. I play psychic 'Gabriella Menasha', also in the film Danielle Harris of the 'Halloween' franchise.


The Macabre
Dir Eric Mathis

Cult classic, practical FX heavy, old school video store style, monster movie, horror anthology.
I play 'Ms. Lady Sinister', the magicians assistant to Mr. Macabre played by John Dugan from 'Texas C


Z Dead End
Dir Robert Resto

July 4th 2015 the world was invaded by zombies. Humanity was put to the test in a small town in Colorado.
I play 'Deputy Karen Marino'.
Also in the film: George Lazenby, Robert LaSardo, Kane Hodder.

L to R: Johnny Huang, Moi, Felissa Rose and Lisa Hinds.

Amityville Shark House
Dirs Will Collazo Jr and Shawn C. Phillips

I Play 'Esmeralda' a Spiritual Leader.

Also in the film: Julie Ann Prescott, Lauren Francesca.








A Prayer for the Lonely  - El Altar De Soledad 
Dir. Felix Martiz
The story of 'Laura' a woman having a crisis of faith. She meets 'Blanca' and orphan child who might restore her purpose and longing to connect with someone again.

Bilingual film: English/Spanish. Pictured with 'Blanca' played by Giselle Castillo.






Heliconius erato
Dir. Ariel McCleese
A female serial killer/butterfly scientists work together to take revenge on men employing methods from their jobs as Lepidopterists.

MY ROLE: The Black Widow.




Scream Bloody Murder
Dir Shawn C. Phillips

Cheerleaders attending a cheer camp are stalked by a masked murder.  I Play 'Coach Camela'.
Also in the film: Tom Sizemore, Vernon Wells, Sean Whalen, Robert LaSardo, James Duval, Lauren Francesca, Mike Ferguson, Todd Bridges.
L to R: Julie Anne Prescott, Moi, Shawn C Phillips, Larry Butler, Melissa Eff.

Night of the Zomghouls
Dir Will Collazo Jr.

A mass killer escapes while being transported to prison, he makes a sacrifice to Satan and possesses the animatronics at 'Hanna's birthday party venue.

I play 'Jill Korek', 'Hannah's mother played by Chalet Lizette Brannan.

Also in the film: James Duval, Shawn C. Phillips, Mike Ferguson, Julie Anne Prescott.

L to R: Brandon Krum, Marc Valenti, Chalet and I.


Dir. Felix Martiz
Kiko, a young factory manager is forced to choose between what is right and what is legal when ICE raids the factory and a friend is deported and separated from her daughter. MY ROLE: I play Kiko's mother "Juana".

Terror Toons 4
Dirs. Joe Castro, Brinke Stevens, Matthew Vinaja

Anthology based on the original ''Terror Toons'', featuring evil villains Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin.

I play 'Andy' one of the victims of Dr. Carnage.

Also in the movie: Linnea Quigley, Debbie Rochon, Shawn C. Phillips.




Dir. Sean Fau-Burnitz









A Comedy. Follows the adventures of the AAAmbulance Service.

I play Mrs Waverly, an elderly patient getting caught in the rivalry of two Medical Services.

Dir. Muriel Naim
An exploration of the intricate relationship between a Christian and a Jewish boy in 1942 Poland. Krzysztof, an introverted 10 year old, faces his father's decision to hide a Jewish boy from a nearby village in the family's house. As the new boy prompts the father's attention, Krzysztof develops a flammable jealousy towards the other boy which reaches a dangerous peak and leads him to an irreversible act.  MY ROLE: I play the mom "Agata". We had to learn Polish for this one, we had a wonderful set teacher.

The Long Way Home
Dir. Will Carcedo
Short Horror film made with the intent to bring awareness to child predators.  I play 'Momma Rhonda'. My son 'Timmy' brings girls home, who we use as slaves, mistreating and torturing them into obedience. 'Kendra', our newest girl, experiences the terror of her predecessors and only wishes to make it back home.

True Passages
Dir. Kim Marie
Filmed in Michigan, a wonderful project that bring awareness to the Foster Children Program.




Dir. Albert Kwak
City dwellers realize the best option for survival in a world where meat has become scarce is normalizing ethnic cleansing. The cattle industry is decimated through the influx of bio-neurological diseases and population explosion makes it difficult to harvest cloned meat. In 2030, the government legalizes the consumption of human meat.

A Creature Is Stirring
Dir. Jermey Ashley Pair

Two bumbling burglars get more than they bargained for when they break into the wrong house on Christmas Eve, unwittingly unleashing a vengeful spirit. 

MY ROLE: I am the grandmother.

I did my monster makeup for this one.





James Noel, Director
Experimental Comedy. A journalist in a case of mistaken identity joins a powerful council headed by a mysterious leader named 'Vrem'. I play 'Detailia', a member of the Council of Experts, the World's foremost authority on Attention to Detail.

Dir. Zac Morris
A couple of hitchhikers meet a strange woman, she is the mysteryous monster that hunts them. MY ROLE: I play 'The Skinwalker'.

Created by Edward B. Franke

A viable future that exposes the ugliness and at times pervasive elements of violence driven by a corrupted power. A young homeless girl 'Ultio' finds herself in a power struggle between the ultra-rich and the poor. I play her mother 'Laufeia', the unlikely leader of the Vagabond Revolution.  Filmed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dir. Armand Gazarian

Short film. A woman confronts the tormentor from her youth and takes matters into her own hands. I play 'Ariana' the older version of 'Aria'.

Dir. Matthew Burns

Psychological web series by Matthew Burns.

What mystery surrounds a seemingly ordinary family? 
A good samaritan fears that she might become dinner.

I play the sick wheelchair bound wife.






Dir. Julia Noel
In an alternate 1970s, an investigator visits North Cactus City, a small town somewhere in the Southwest, to study the lingering effects of an earlier Roswell type incident, and discovers a conspiracy to overthrow the beloved mayor.

Barrio Tales & Barrio Tales 2
Jarret & Brent Tarnol, Directors

A Horror Film. A trilogy of horror stories told by Pedro. Two American teenagers in search of cheap drugs, trespass into the seedy town of Barrio, Mexico. What they find instead is a disturbed story teller and three tales filled with blood, witches and a cannibalistic taco chef.

MY ROLE: I play 'Abuela', in the first story. I avenge my granddaughters death by cursing those involved.

I am very thankful to Jarret and Brent for giving me this opportunity, it was a delight to work with such a professional team.
The FX/Makeup team of Adam Beesly and Brittany Dummet where fantastic!

It played on NETFLIX.









Dir. Jarret Tarnol

MY ROLE: I was thrilled to reprise my role of "Abuela".

Make up by Dan Gilbert.







Kindom of Sin
Dir. Albert Kwak

Two couples decide to swap their partners in a swinger's club. They uncover horrors about their other half they had never known. My role: 'Cassie Westley', Mark's mother.

The Specialist
Dir. Rod Martin

Role of 'Mom', a woman who is a little strict and severe with her kids.


Something Precious
Dir. Richard Greenwood Jr.

Short Horror film about the monster under the bed.


Dir. Kim Zenga

Short film. How a generous gesture from a young girl working as a helper at a hair salon affects a homeless woman.

The Cursed Man
James L. Perry, Director

Horror Psychological Thriller.  What if Death fell in Love with you?
I play the dual role of Death and Alister's Mom.


Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine
Kevin Resnick, Director

Romantic Comedy.

Follows Ben, a once artistic but now bumbling middle-manager, who drearily works his days away serving eviction notices at a property management firm. At home, Ben juggles being a single father to his precocious pre-teen daughter Lilly and cantankerous live-in father, Zadie.

I play "Bonita", Zadie's love interest.


Absolute Time
Jeffery Ashkin, Director

Sci Fi Thriller.

A Scientist, Gordon, must encounter alternate time-lines in order to save his wife from dying.

I play Rebecca, a mother desperately looking for her child. Meets with Gordon and she doesn't care how he knows what he knows. She just wants her child back.



Dead Feelings
Rene Arias, Director
Horror Short.

I really enjoyed creating half a dozen or so Zombies.

I did most of the makeup for this film.




Rainy Nights
Richard Greemwood Jr., Director

Horror suspense.

Official entry for the 'Bloddy Cuts Who's There Film Challenge'.

Hiding from a thunderstorm in a makeshift tent, a young girl tries to scare her little sister by telling the story of the 'Hallow Witch'...see her twice between thunders and she'll steal your soul. Makeup up Jacky Belle.

I play the Hallow Witch.


Breaking and Entering
Carrie Frazier, Director

A female buddy comedy.

Becky tired of being pushed around and constantly being ripped off by her employer, the affluent Mrs. Fairchild, takes matters into her hands when she along with her friend Lynn, decide to rob her.

I play Mrs. Fairchild, a trophy wife and unloving mother who turns to young men and dumps her spoiled children on Becky.  

On photo above L to R: Monty Coleman, Carrie Frazier, Melissa McIntosh, Me, Kelly Stadum.

Cristian Madero, Director

This film was made to bring awareness to the Director's old Elementary school, which is in danger of being closed down due to lack of funding.

I play 'Crazy Jane'. The Ghost of a teacher who 20 years earlier killed her students.





Happy Pills
Janey Feingold, Director

A Sci-Fi dramedy about the quest for happiness.

As Mrs. Dobbs, the eccentric caretaker/music teacher/mother-type to all in the rehab center.

With Dylan McTee, welcoming him to our Institution.

From Left to Right:ght:

Kathryn Gallagher, Moi, Quinn Jackson and Nikki Segal.



Open House
Thomas Della Bella, Director

Open House is a contemporary Haunted House Horror Film.







The Adventures of Don Juan & Don Tu
Shawn Shekarchian, Director

A comedy period piece about the two most flawed and famous conquistadors in Spain in their quest for the kidnapped princess.  I play the dual role of Queen's Isabel and her evil sister Evah.

A Declaration and Registration of a Formal Marriage for $75
Carolina De Leon, Director

A short film of a civil servant named Carrie, working at the county clerks office issuing marriage licenses. One day two 16 year olds, Jack and Diane, walk in seeking a marriage license. Diane's mom makes this one particular day stand out for Carrie. I play Jack's mom.

Left: with my husband played by Edgardo Gonzalez.
Below: with 'Diane's Mom played by Martica De Cardenas

Out entire Cast and Crew!

Owl In The Family
Skye Kelly, Director

This short film exposes a possible outcome of an egg donor conception.

My 'surrogate daughter' played by Cole Bernstein, comes to my yoga class to introduce herself and her intentions. A fascination with owls is a family trait.

James Noel, Director

A Surrealist Comedy Noir. The Omadox Corporation, producers of fine helium and industrial strength glue since 1927, is facing a schism. Filmmaker Thomas Spoon, documenting the looming dissolution of the hallowed company, uncovers ever more baffling secrets and lies. Also, fish.  I play Carmelita Gutierrez Smith, a 'Go-Between' from the Corporation.

The Wretched
Richard Greenwood Jr., Director

Germania. 395 AD. An isolated Roman outpost in the Germanic Black Forest comes under assault from a horde of barbarians inflicted with a plague created from an ancient evil...

My role is "the wretched woman".


Alex Flores, Director


The story of a young Mexican woman who goes to a "bruja" for relationship help.

I play "SapoBruja" a powerful witch once involved with the biggest drug cartel in Mexico.


Monday Morning
Nat Christian, Director

A Drama. Thomas Back, wakes up without his memory on the streets of L.A.

I first did Voice Over work for the film. Various 'walla', which are crowd voices, we recorded a variety of settings in both English and Spanish.

The second time I was invited by Nat to do some Green Screen work for the final touches in the movie. That was FUN! I had the opportunity to play a variety of  'Homeless Woman' scenes.

Amores Muertos
Alex Flores, Director

A romantic tale of a girl who looses her love, and resorts to 'Death' to get him back.  A Halloween Theme.

I play 'La Muerte'.

Inspired by Mexican Folklore.


Rude Boy
Gabriel Zavala, Director 

Set in Orange County 1984, the first wave of British Ska was introduced to American Teenagers, and how it affected a couple of Mexican siblings, Rudy and Veronica. I play their mom.

A tender moment with my son (Omar Montanez) on left. Believing our son is possessed, my husband (Oliver Zavala) and I are performing a cleansing ritual with Holy water, Cross and Rosary.

Henry Corzo, Director
The film follows Julian, a Colombian Seminarista, who is dealing with his homosexuality during a trip to the US.

I play Concepcion, his very religious controlling mother.

Pictured with Eduardo Santos as my son Julian. Pictures by Joe Garland.


Pirate Jenny
Romeo Brooks, Director

A Drama. 'Jennetta Encarnacion' returns from Afghanistan trying to create a life for herself. A dishonorable discharge, a terminally ill mother and her nephew's abandonment by her sister's addiction, force her to make questionable choices testing her morality.

I play 'Dolores Curon', Jenetta's mother, and I am dying

Make up was done by Dana Alford -




Saving Dad
Skye Kelly, Director

The film explores schizophrenia and how Ed's refusal for treatment frustrates his wife and daughter. 

I play Theresa, Ed's sister in law.


The film was presented at the Awareness Festival.




The Hoodling
Sparkle Hickey, Director
A comedy. A current Dr. Jekyll/Ms Hyde story set in Beverly Hills. I play Albert's wife, a wealthy socialite having her palm read by Madame Shemeka who publicly reveals, to her embarrassment, her 'secret' affair with the gardener.

Zombies and Assholes
Sean LoGrasso, Director

A comedy.

I just couldn't resist playing a Zombie!





Wrong Choices
David Scott, Director
A comedy. It exposes the desires vs. the reality of events through the eyes of a Professor, Mrs. G played by me, and her frustrations towards the obsessive annoying habit of a student's tic, played by Ryan de Quintal.


Tim Shechmeister, Director
A young Mexican gardener working in the United States accidentally stumbles on a horrific crime, and as a result, he must run for his life.  I play 'Ariana Valdez' his Public Defender.


The Space Between
Travis Fine, Director
Montine McLeod, a lonely flight attendant, and Omar Hassan, a 10 year-old Pakistani-American boy, are on a plane that is grounded in Longview, Texas on the morning of September 11th, 2001. I have a small appearance as an Airport's cleaning lady.

Mid Life Gangster
Teddy Grouya and Evan James, Director
Inspired by real events. Mostly improvised. I have a small appearance as a TV Network Executive.


Every Dose, Every Day, On Time
Line Productions
Barbara Kallir, Director (English Version)
Carlos Victor Rica, Director (Spanish Version)

Selected scenes of the Educational short for persons living with HIV/AIDS. 2 versions were produced: a Spanish and an English one. I play the lead role of Dr. Cristina Gomez in both. It's kind'a neat watching the SAME scene in two languages!

Chad Ahrendt, Director

A gay father and his son reunite after 24 years. As the father only has a week left to live his last request is to see his son. Through the love, grace and strength of God, hatred and old wounds are overcome and forgiveness flourishes. Small appearance in Church scene and Graduation Party.

 Before Dawn Breaks
Grindworks Pictures
Longmore, Director

After suffering a hit and run car accident, war Veteran Messiah Johnson and his family are facing hard times in today's economy. I play Carla's (the lead character's) mother.

Easy "A"
Austin Sheeley Director

Short Comedy about a serial seducer. I play "Linda Hamilton" the Math teacher trying to seduce one of her students.

2012 Dick's Oddity
GFC Productions
Iggy Villamar Director

Underachiever Dick Burns who is trying to change his luck by performing his own 'New Era Mayan Ritual' on the last day of the Mayan Calendar.

I play "Shaman Leonor Sabina", a Spiritual Leader performing a spiritual ceremony on the eve of December 21st, 2012 (The end of the Mayan Calendar).

Luminave Films
Jenn Page Director

The story of a boy, 'Pubert', and the trouble he goes through while recovering his dad's baseball. I play  his 'Mom'.

The Copper Baron
Bob Cohen Pictures
Michael Younesi Director

On the eve of Chilean president Salvador Allende's overthrow, a group of bourgeois guests (I'm the 'lady in Red') gather at the home a wealthy copper baron for a cocktail party.

The Guests:
Tia, Moi, Ramon Hilario, Princess Lucaj, Elizabeta Vidovic.








Cuando Volveras
Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Emilio Vega Director

Drama. Spanish. Omero starts work at the company Montparnasse where he falls in love with Alexa, who recently inherited the company after her mother's death.

I play "Andreina Lajauz", a woman who decides she wants Omero, a younger man. Not only does she manipulate him and Alexa into breaking up, she conspires with Omero's step dad Saul, who is after his fortune.

Click on Image to watch some of Maritza's scenes.

Watch the Movie's Trailer. 


La Vida Por Un Rato De Placer
Arco Del Triunfo Productions
Emilio Vega Director

TRT=3minSpanish. A drama about two young people, Capitu and Gerardo, and how their need for love affects the choices they make. I play the role of Ross, Capitu's mother, who is struggling with her daughter's behavior.

The film received two awards. Best Screenplay by Emilio Vega, and Best Editing by 'moi'.

Click on the Image to watch some of Maritza's scenes.


7 Minutes from Heaven
Revolution 290 Productions
Rob Robol Director

TRT=1min 39secBefore the big night with his girlfriend Mikaela (played by Jessica Rush), a young man, David (played by Jim Rothman), pays a hooker to teach him how to become a better lover.

I play Angela, the Hooker.


Hard Day
Peaceful Films Productions
Mack McFarland, Director

Filmed in San Francisco. An intense political drama. I play the starring role of Susan, a woman who waited seven years for the release of her husband Philip, a Panamanian political prisoner.

Bite My Ass
Magen Callaghan Producer
Cam Leeburg, Director

Filmed in Guerneville. I really like this one, for the first time in my career I was not chosen for my looks! Choosing to be a female zombie was definitely a blast! My friend Noris Campos (left) is in this one with me. We've also worked together in the video Override (see videos section).


Allowing Jealousy
Jason Wong Producer
Laurence Prorok, Director

TRT: 4min 24 secs - 7.3MB Filmed in Petaluma. Allowing Jealousy is a short film exploring the underlying subject of jealousy in a French style.

My role: I play the leading role of Irene, a playful woman who is not too concerned about the consequences of her choices. Pictured here with Laurie Inglis, making a toast to our husbands. Also in the movie Chris Gomez and L.G. Ross.

Click on the image to see the clip. Warning: There is nudity in this role. TRT: 4min 24 secs. Production note: I had a wonderful gal for a body double.


Dela Productions
Mai Delapa, Writer/Director
Filmed in San Francisco. A dark comedy about a woman, Shayanna (left: played by Mai Delapa), turning 30 and not happy about being single. What happens on her disastrous dates and how she comes to terms with herself.


My Role: Diane (right), aka the 'Other Woman', pictured here with 'Jesse' played by Stephen Hund. Diane is very flirtatious, fun and doesn't have a problem with stealing another woman's man. If a boyfriend is easy to catch then he shouldn't have been together with the girlfriend in the first place, would be her rationale. She makes Shy doubt her boyfriend Jesse's true love when she finds them in bed together. My buddy Jason Wright (left) is also in this movie.


Hollywood Magic Productions
Mike Shu, Director
An author of bestselling stories is inspired by his nightmares. But as the stories become true, he begins to question the source of his inspiration.  I would play FBI Agent Darla Seager who with her partner Agent Denton, investigate the inexplicable, very much like the team of 'Scully and Mulder' in the X-files. My character Seager is like Mulder's as she is the one who 'believes'. I really enjoy playing women in official roles. Women in control and in power.

TRT: 3mins 17secs - 5.2MBThis project never got the green light, all I have is my audition piece which I was very thankful to obtain from Mike. In general, when I am asked to bring a monologue, I select from my repertoire, one that reflects the character I am reading for. When I auditioned for the role of Agent Seager, I selected "Paula", a woman whose strength and success has been fueled by her fear of becoming a weak woman like her mother. Warning: It contains profanity. Click on my image on the left to view. TRT: 3mins 17secs.


This Love
Rainy Road Productions
Michael Gonzalez, Director
TRT: 5mins 17secs - 8.7MB Filmed in various locations in Alameda County. The bodies of several young women have been discovered by the same eyewitness. Before another victim falls, Detective Kobane must discover the connection between the serial killer, the victims, the eyewitness and herself.

Due to memory limitations, I am posting a condensed version of the movie - TRT: 5 mins 17 secs - 8.7 MB. To view the movie click on the video cover image.

My role: I play the starring role of Detective Janet Kobane, a strong-willed and independent woman. Always focused on achieving her personal goals, Kobane led a fairly solitary life until she met, fell in love and married John Lewis, an attorney in the Public Defender's office. She developed a deep love and a profound attachment to him and was devastated when years later John decides to end their relationship as it was getting in the way of his professional aspirations. Unable to deal with the break up, Kobane believes finding the serial killer is the only way to end her pain.

Also in the movie: Louis John, John Angell Grant, Charlie Meany, Carla Negri, Stephanie Goldstein and Shannon McNeil.


WWC (Women's Wrestling Convention)
Jackpin Productions
Anthony Pearsal, Director

Made in San Diego. Submission style wrestling - I am "Scoobie". I had 2 bouts, they were twenty minutes each! The first with Tempest, from my team Virago, which I lost, the other with Tela, another Convention contestant, which I won. I am proud to have been involved with the BEST female wrestling team in San Francisco.

Debonair Productions
Mario Bobino, Director

Filmed in Oakland. Two friends go into business for the wrong reasons, as not so friendly acquaintances become their allies.

My role: I am "Pat", Jesus's - the Station's Manager - Executive Secretary. He runs KDEB, Oakland's Public Access station TV3.

Official Debonair Productions Site.

The Art of Dating Women
DFI Films, England
Andrew Woods, Director

A documentary style film that provides a practical, streetwise approach to meeting women. It follows the exploits of two guys, ace nerd Richard and Adam 'The Knowledge' man.

My role: I play Cassie, Helen's best friend. In this shot, I am with Helen complaining to Richard to leave our friend alone. Pictured here with 'Helen' played by Andi Barker.


Jalapeno Productions, England
Nikhil Jani, Director

Filmed in London. The short follows a delivery driver around London and area. Intended to feature London's multi-racial demographics.

My role: I am the Kitchen Porter, for this role I created Rivka (above), a punk, tatooed, and nose pierced dishwasher frustrated about doing the dishes with torn gloves. My tattoos and piercings are fake, by the way. Later when I brought Rivka to a class performance, I evolved her into a chain and leather drug addict (right).


Saffron Productions, England
Keith Eastwell, Director

Filmed in Hackney, England and surrounding areas. I am always proud to be involved with Firsts! Janus was "set to be the first ever film to run for half-an-hour on the internet." Janus is a story of misunderstandings. David and Chandra find their visit to the countryside shattered by events that leave them fleeing for their lives. Seeking the help of Simon they quickly discover all is not as it seems.

My role: I play 'Christina', the mistress. David and Chandra were a happily married couple until an accident that confined her to a wheelchair. David never accepted her condition and found Christina, who is the image of his wife when they first met. Pictured here with 'David' played by John C W Holloway. With Eric Colvin, Elka de Wit.