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James Noel, Director

A Surrealist Comedy Noir. The Omadox Corporation, producers of fine helium and industrial strength glue since 1927, is facing a schism. Filmmaker Thomas Spoon, documenting the looming dissolution of the hallowed company, uncovers ever more baffling secrets and lies. Also, fish.

I play Carmelita Del Carmen Santa Maria De La Cruz Gutierrez Smith.

From L-R: Luciana Lagana, Gera Hermann, Jerry Sims, Janet Housden, MOI, Cat Noel, Gregory Graham, Edward Parker Jomes.

As the 'Go-Between' - Corporate Liaison Carmelita Gutierrez Smith.

Trying to explain to our boss Katja she is over-spending. With Cat Noel.

Informing filmmaker Thomas Spoon he needs to deliver the 'mystery' box.

Panel of experts for the 'Mens Sana in Corpore Sano' with Dr. Itticasana (which means help the Fish).
Being introduced as 'Carmelita' by Dr.Itticasana.


Our Boss Katja asking our opinion on her most recent overpriced acquisition, a portrait of herself.