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So Sue Me
Table Read
Nat Christian, Writer
Table Read for the Film of the same name. It was great given the opportunity to read for such a funny character  that calls herself  "Hayek" because she is convinced she looks just like the Star 'Salma Hayek', which cannot be further from her reality. The Film is currently in Pre-production. A courtroom musical comedy, where 'Leo' drags his love 'Kim' and witnesses to court.

Tour Guide
Universal Studios Hollywood

I was a Spanish Tour Guide at Universal Studio Hollywood until April 2006. What a GREAT job! Unlike the English guides, Spanish guides have double duty, we have to help direct the crowds to our tours.

Talk about being on your toes! You'd never know what could happen once the tour begins. You need to be a master of improvisation, to a limit of course, it has to be related to the area you are visiting, you see, the route could change anytime with no notice.

Training was excruciating but it prepares you to handle anything! We were ready to tackle any surprises: stars on the way, tram break-downs, quiet zones due to filming, people needed to get out of the tram, animation delays. Speaking of 'star gazing' moments, during a break in the filming of her show 'Ghost Whisperer', Jennifer Love-Hewitt stopped my tram to say hello! Needless to say, the crowd was delighted!

I made lots of good friends and I had the opportunity to attend showcases and various seminars exclusive to Guides. I loved giving tours, but my work as co-star in the semi-scripted sitcom "Paradise Drive", demanded more of my time. I just became a member of the writing team for the show!

An aside here, couple of years ago, I was a Costume Performer at Universal.

The Butler Did It
Stage Door Theatre
Brandy Mettert, Director

A comedy by Tim Kelly. I play the roles of 'Haversham/Mabel Dupre', the maid/ex-convict/killer. Miss Maple, invites mystery writers for a weekend party... but... they must assume the personalities of their fictional characters. When an actual murder takes place...

At The Stage Door Theatre, in Agoura Hills, CA.

Moments from the nights I played Haversham:

I was the understudy for Miss Maple. This one is from one of the nights I played her. Pictured here with Brandy Mettert in the role of 'Haversham'.

Also in the Cast: Marq Del Monte, Dianne Fritsche, Jason Hayes, Lois "Lo" Lorback, Gary Cunial, Rosalinda Diaz, Larry Haney, Audrey Hope and Donald Melton.


1.03 MB - 30 seconds long.
TRT: 30 secs A 30 second clip from my Advanced Acting Workshop at Weist-Barron-Hill class.

The scene is about two very pretentious women trying to outdo each other. I am explaining to Dori Russell how Astral Projection 'got me together'.

Good 'DITZY' sample role.


Blithe Spirit
Stage Door Theatre
John Barker, Director

Edith being hypnotized by Madame Arcati

A comedy by Noel Coward. I am cast in the role of 'Edith', the maid. A novelist wishes to learn about the occult for a new book. He has a medium hold a séance and his dead wife appears.

At The Stage Door Theatre, in Agoura Hills, CA.

A review from our play.
I really like this part (of course!) ..."and Maritza Brikisak goes all out in quirkiness as the maid, Edith."

Also in the Cast: Rachel Bourne, Shaula Chambliss, Jessica Moon, Anthony Livery, Steven Rogers and Nancy Solomons.

Nobody Recycles Like The Homeless
Skin O' My Teeth Theatre Group
Braun Keith, Director/Writer
Collaborator John Robledo

A mystery/drama revolving around the lives of a group of homeless individuals.

I play the role of a soup kitchen helper, "Carmelita Del Carmen Santa Maria de the Cruz Gutierrez Smith"; who is actually a police inspector, "Inspector Lane" (reprising my role from the play 'Art of Deception', who is undercover in search of a killer masquerading as a homeless man.

At The Renegade Theatre in North Hollywood.

Click on the picture on the left to get to the official "Skin O' My Teeth Theatre" web site.

My cast picture.


Object of Beauty
Ed Hooks
6.1 MB - 2 min 25secs
TRT: 2mins 25secs Scene from the film 'Object of Beauty'.
Condensed version.

From my advanced Film Class with Ed Hooks.


The Art of Deception
Skin O' My Teeth Theatre Group
Braun Keith, Director/Writer

A twisted drama about how greed and deceit can blind the soul and the mind.

I play the Principal role of Inspector Lane. I assist Mark, an old relationship, plot his revenge against his unfaithfull wife.

At the '2 Roads Theatre' in Studio City.

Click on the "Art of Deception" picture on the left to get to the official "Skin O' My Teeth" web site.

A couple of moments from the play. Pictured with Shannon Blackburn in the role of Mark.


Reviviendo El Amor
Arco de Triunfo Productions
Emilio Vega, Director/Writer

A romantic drama. In Spanish. About a girl Sofia who's lost faith in love and eventually finds it. I played a dual role. The Lead role of Sofia, and on two nights, the Principal role of Xenia (Sofia's best friend). The play spans fours years and I had 15 wardrobe changes! Performed at the Celebrity Center International.

Curtain Call, L-R: George Castañeda, Kenny Solano, Christina Rodas, Jose Granda, Tony Vasco, Me, Carlos Castillo, Tania Gomez, Eliud Figuroa, Janeth Bernal, Jesucristo Garza, Emilio Vega.

Moments from the night I played Xenia.

1.3 MB - 31 secs 1.7 MB - 42 secs
To promote the Play, We made two Television appearances that aired on Perrona TV, Channel 26. Click on the images to watch the promos.

Costume Performer
Universal Studios Hollywood

During the summer of 2002, I kept busy as a Fuzzy Character. What a FUN job! Very rewarding too. People are enchanted and thrilled to meet their favourite Characters. They literally swarm to you, to have their picture taken and to get an autograph. I know how "celebrities" feel! It was such a high! I played these characters: SpongeBob, Spyro the Dragon, Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats, Cera from the Land before Time or Donnie from the Wild Thornberrys.

Promotional Work
I want to mention the various promotional work I've been involved with; after all, I am performing in front of an audience. I've been to various conventions, some of my favorites:

  • Anheuser-Busch convention
  • Real Estate expo
  • Auto convention
  • "Breakfast is Back!" The National campaign for Kellog's Raising Bran
  • San Francisco Chronicle and
  • Indiana Jones
  • Various for Chrysler, including the Chrysler's Scholar College Tour
  • I was a Hostess/Greeter for both grand openings for the Westfield Mall expansions in Santa Clara.

Here I am in a GEM car (Global Electric Motor Car) at the Chrysler Scholar Road Tour. It's a modified Golf cart. It's road certified, and it runs 35 mph.


Mervyn's Business Theatre
Media Loft Productions

Oh! This one was so much fun! Talk about a challenge: dancing and kicking in full costume, with limited visibility and with zero air ventilation i.e. a sauna! I know one performer got heat stroke and another tripped on her feet and went rolling down the aisle; didn't even lose her head (that would have been bad)! I am not naming names, just to show you, it's not as easy as it looks or as I thought it would be!
Not for the weak of heart!


The Woolgatherer
Eastern Standard
Butterflies are Free

Little Workshop, Canada
Calvin Green Director

These were class performances, I had the roles of:
Rose in the Woolgatherer by William Mastrosimone.
Jill Tanner in Butterflies are Free by Leonard Gershe and
Ellen in Eastern Standard by Richard Greenberg.


Lettice and Lovage
Domino Theatre, Canada
Steve Gratto, Director

By Peter Shaffer. I played (fifth from the left) a mischievous student to Miss Lettice Douffet museum presentation. Pictured here (from left to right): Julian Freemen, Ciji Moore, Julia Laidlaw, Tim Picotte, Me and Wendy Kennedy as 'Lettice'.

Move Over Mrs. Markham
Theater 5 Company, Canada
Valerie Robertson, Director

"Maritza Brikisak bounces her way into our hearts as the Markham's au pair, Sylvie."
"This is a fun evening of summer entertainment for the whole family."

Rita McGrattan. Kingston This Week.

Ray Cooney's comedy of mistaken identities. I play Sylvie Hauser (far right), the Swedish "au pair" to the Markham's. Pictured here with (from left to right) Julia Henderson, Christy Robinson and Maev Beatty.

See Amid the Winter Snow
Concept Audio, Canada
Mark G. Sirett, Musical Director

I was a Cathedral Singer Soprano II for the St. George's Choir. My favorite performances were during Christmas. I Love Christmas music! And the acoustics are magnificent in a Church. We made a recording as well, 'See Amid The Winter Snow' is the title of our tape.

Comedy Night
Lion's Club, Canada
The Miss-Fits Improv Team

We were known as the Miss-fits, then we changed our name to the Used-to-Be's. We combined improv performances with scripted skits for a smooth hour long show. Pictured here (from left to right): Me, Janine Earl, Juliette Russell and Gurjit Gill. I wrote all the material.

The Mermaid's Tale
5678 Dance Productions, Canada
Ricky Beaulieu Director

Story by Linda Thompson. This was a musical play. My role was of a mermaid warrior.

Theater 5 Company, Canada
Valerie Robertson, Director

Adaptation by Steven Spencer. In this production I had a dual role. I played the leading seductress Vampire and Sister Agatha! yep, a nun. I got beaten by Dracula in it too. Pretty neat eh! Pictured here (clockwise from left to right) Jennifer Atkinson, Sean Roberts as Dracula, Julia Laidlaw and me.

Ages of Elegance
Theater 5 Company, Canada
Valerie Robertson, Director

"A delicious Diary of Dress and Undress." Lori Thorlakson, Whig-Standard.

A collection of skits and fashion throughout the centuries, starting with the Ice Age. I have various roles in this show. Acting, singing, dancing, modeling, in this show I did it all! I was a cavewoman, a genie, a Charleston dancer, go-go dancer, army recruiter and so many more. Let me tell you, we had seconds in the change room! On one performance, my partner didn't have time to get her hose and shoes on, so I had to take mine off so we looked the same!