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The Storm
Director Medina Mana
By Kristine Rommel
Official award winning song for the Feature Film 'The Lurking Man'.
I play the Lead role of Cailean.



Net Monet / Monetochka
Director Qara



Music Video for Kacey Johansing
Directed by Ryan Browne


Music Video - PJ - Featuring Hit-Boy
Directed by Psycho Films

Gravity effect, on the final cut. I was a 'flyer',
we had harnesses on to create the effect.


Jeremih Music Video
Danny Erb, Director

Music Video "You're Mine" produced by Zac Geoffray and Eric Cook.
Used in Tayler Perry's 'A Medeas Christmas' film. 



Nicky Romero and Krewella Music Video
Kyle Padilla, Director

Music Video "Legacy" produced by Ultra Records.

"Legacy" tells the story of a teenager who sets out to even the odds for his mother 'Dolly' who is battling cancer.  He recruits two friends and they proceed to use brute force to accomplish the task.  Our home is broken into, and my husband, Dolly's boss, is kidnapped in the middle of the night by the youths. I play his terrified wife.



Charming Liars Music Video
Kyle Padilla, Director

Music Video produced by Capital Records.

Filmed at the Big Sky Movie Ranch.

Three young Nuns escape their convent to kill Satan and in the process they write some wrongs. I play a small role of another Sister appalled at the young Nuns behavior.




Mayaztek Music Video
Jeremy Pion-Berlin, Director

Music Video produced by K6films for the band Mayaztek.

I play "Cassandra", a gypsy woman who tries to help 'Edward' played by Luis Gabriel, a young man who woke up disoriented and with amnesia in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Had two wonderful makeup artists: Violet Morphine and Kathryn Fernandez .



One of the locations we filmed was also used by the film "Deception" (above).



Die Another Day
Steve Snyder, Director

Techno Music Video by Afflatus Productions.
Music by NewageDave

The video illustrates the night shift of a private taxi driver and the myriad of fares he encounters. I play a Nun, we've been called to give the last rites to one of our parishioners.


Dimitri Vegas & Like Man
Kyle Padilla, Director

My Role: I play a suburban housewife who gets possessed.

"Groove" - working title
Ted Yoon Producer
Jay Lee, Director

Music video for the Korean Rock Band "Fly To The Sky". Filmed in the Boys Toys Club in San Francisco. My Role: I play a clubber seduced by their music.
Riveter Productions
Lisa Ginsburg, Director
Rebellion and romance mix when a bad boss gets his due and a stunning butch babe whisks an overworked, underpaid assistant to a place of fantasy and secret seduction". For the Band The Hail Marys. My Role: I play a lesbian clubber.

Find a Way
Eric Voice Producer, Canada
Kirk Shubert, Director

Classic love story: lead singer gets girl, lead singer looses girl, lead singer wins girl's love back. My role: I played many parts in this video, a dancing girl, a groupie, I played the guitar but mostly I was the band's drummer's girlfriend.