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I did VO (voice over) English Dubbing on the Spanish Amazon Original series 'La Templanza', in English it is known as 'The Vineyard'.

I did the voices of Paulita, the housekeeper, woman in bar and midwife. Thank you Angela Vega for inviting me to participate!
Dubbing Director Angela Vega


NETFLIX Original Limited Series credit. I did the English voice of the Spanish actress playing ROSARIO in the series.
Dubbing Director Angela Lopez


Grayson: Earth One
Dir. Hisonni Johson

The series explores the possibility of Richard Grayson not having the good fortune of being adopted as a child by Bruce Wayne, thus never becoming Robin. He has to fend on his own to fulfill his destiny.

I voiced 'Deborah Todd' in "The Boy and the Bullet. Season 1, Episode 2.







Philips Photo eXpanium
Philips Consumer Electronics Digital Imaging
Stuart McKechnie, Director


TRT: 3:36secs - 9.12MB
Recorded in Sunnyvale. A presentation for the Philips Photo eXpanium, which allows you to view and edit your photographs on your television set, and it doubles up as an MP3 player!

In Spanish with English subtitles.

ACM Entertainment
Al Simon, Director

Recorded all 12 zodiac predictions for the upcoming year, the Spanish versions.

We also filmed some scenes. For the visuals: card handling, I play a client having a reading on the phone.



Monday Morning
Nat Christian, Director

A Drama. Thomas Back, wakes up without his memory on the streets of L.A.

I first did Voice Over work for the film. Various 'walla', which are crowd voices, we recorded a variety of settings in both English and Spanish.

The second time I was invited by Nat to do some Green Screen work for the final touches in the movie. That was FUN! I had the opportunity to play a variety of  'Homeless Woman' scenes.