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Grayson: Earth One
Dir. Hisonni Johson

The series explores the possibility of Richard Grayson not having the good fortune of being adopted as a child by Bruce Wayne, thus never becoming Robin. He has to fend on his own to fulfill his destiny.

This is a Voice Over, I play 'Deborah Todd' in Episode 1.5

YouTube Episode



Dir. Sean Fau-Burnitz

A Comedy
Follows the adventures of the AAAmbulance Service.

I play Mrs Waverly, an elderly patient getting caught in the rivalry of two Medical Services.



Marginal Heights
Lynn Gettman, Director

Murder mystery set in a small town.






BrownGirl Television
Jeff Kanew Director

This supernatural drama follows Crystal Brown, a fallen Angel, in her quest for redemption.

I play Mother Diego in one episode.


Makin It
Indie Cross Studios
Layne McDonald Director
A comedy about two hopefuls with big dreams in Hollywood.

I play "Ce Ce" one of their roommates.


Some of the Cast. Pictured clockwise from me: Cyndee San Luis, Brent Holloway, Ethan Andrew and Danny Ledsinger.

Series available in


No Me Hallo
NHM Productions
Carlos Perez Director

A Spanish Web Novela.  The series is about "Luchita", pictured on left played by Angelica Vale, who missed her calling and is trying once again for stardom.

I have a small role, I am a 'Relative' going with the family to her big concert debut.

Pictured above from left to right with me: Jose de Vega, Javier Lezama and Oliver Rayon.



Double-Wide Blues
DoubleWide Films
Mark McCullough Director
Episode 5: "Alien Invasion"
A comedy that follows the characters of  "Bullfrog", "Tater" and "Bubba". In this episode they discuss the residents: 'Maria' and her Mother "Ms. Delgado". They share their warped views on illegal immigrants not realizing that 'Ms. Delgado' and her daughter 'Maria' are Nationals. They are mistaken for Mexican because they speak Spanish and are maids. In reality they are from Argentina and Maria is a NYU grad going to Medical School . I play Ms. Delgado.


Luminave Films
Jenn Page Director
Episode 4: "Becoming a Ninja"
Episode 7: "Mi Familia Loca"

This series spun from the short film 'Pubert'. A comedy that follows the my son's 'Pubert' funny endeavors. I play his mom "Rosita" and like a good mom I can be heard in the background yelling periodically at my son! Episode 7 features the entire family.


Luminave Films Productions
Jenn Page Director|
Episodes 1: "The Gathering"
Episode 2: "Steam Punk"
Episdoe 3: "Next"

Some moments from the shoot. Webisode about a group of individuals with special abilities. I play "Echo" and I am a Post Cognitive.

Episodes I - "The Gathering"

Episode II - "Steam Punk"

Episode III - "Next"



Paradise Drive
Homeland Films Productions

Link to the Official Paradise Drive Site

A comedy about the lives of eccentric residents of an exclusive trailer park.

The show was originally aired on February 8, 2006.  It was then redesigned, re-edited and re-released in 2011.




My character 'Maritza' was inspired by Eva Gabor from the show 'Green Acres'.

I am the happy devoted wife of 'Ramoni', I wear skimpy clothes, I am often misunderstood because I see things in my own peculiar way.


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