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The things I like to do!
- some photographs are links -

Fluent Spanish

My Spanish is from South America. A combination Chilean/Venezuelan. It doesn't have a distinctive accent. Here is a sample of my Spanish 'sound' (click on the image to play the video). This is a commercial I did for the Medical Board of California, it has subtitles. TRT:30 secs. 1.3MB.




Costume Performer

I was Blossom in the live show for Mervyn's presentation of their new line of clothing. Lots of dancing and jumping and kicking/fighting moves in costume too!

At Universal Studios Hollywood, I played five Characters. I could be Cera from The Land Before Time, SpongeBob SquarePants, Spyro the Dragon, Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats or Donnie from the Wild Thornberrys.


Another skill that spawned from working in the Theatre and having to do our own makeup and tricks. I did about 14 Zombies for the movie "Bite My Ass".

Pictured here from left to right: Noris Campos, Me and Noah Wilson.

I've done my own hair and makeup for the various films, like: "Amores Muertos", "Divination", "The Cursed Man"


Some samples of my work, 'before-and-after' from a living room, a bedroom and a hallway.
I love color!




Submission Style Wrestling
The WWC, Women's Wresting Convention,in San Diego. My fighting name, that struck fear to the hearts of my opponents, was 'Scooby'. I am wearing the green outfit.

Illustrating the Romero Submission Hold with team member 'Lupe'


Moments from my bout with 'Tela'. I won this bout.

(left) A knee take down.
I busted Tela's knee with this move.


A sprawl.

A neck hold.

I had 'speed and potential', according to my coach Helen from the Female Wrestling Team Virago. I was a member when I lived in San Francisco.



White Water Rafting
Level III rapids. Pictured here with the Girl Scouts of San Fernando Valley.





Bungee Jumping
I went with Bungee America, the only state-licensed bungee jumping in California.


A moderate to difficult 5 mile hike with over half dozen stream crossings to the 'Bridge to Nowhere'.

The bridge was built over the east fork of the San Gabriel River in 1936. The road that lead to it was swept away by floods in 1938.

It's done by body weight, so I was the first to jump! I had to set the example, because subsequent jumps depend on the first jumper.

Needless to say, my jump looked GREAT! I did a Front Swan Dive with body harness. It was very fast, my buddy J.J. who was taking pictures, wasn't able to capture the take off, so I have to go back and do it again, but next time it will be with the ankle harness!


In-line and Aggressive Skating
I like in-line skating but I discovered Agressive Skating. I am currently working on the 1/2 pipe and the Grinding.


High speed go-kart racing is so much fun! This was at Malibu Grand Prix where they have these cute karts that look like racing cars. I am driving a 'Virage'.

 Console Games

Whether it's PC, Playstation, XBox, Gamecube, Wii... got 'em all! Some of my favorites have been: The Zelda series (of course), Kirby, all the Mario Games, the Spyro series, the Ratchet & Clank series, Medievil, Ty series, Crash Bandicoot series, The Sly series, Pikmin, in summary: I love all the adventure games!


Graphic and Web Designer
Once a Graphic Designer, always a Graphic Designer! Currently I find myself designing promotional materials for productions (plays, movies, etc). If it can be printed, I've done it: postcards, business cards, posters, t-shirts, hats, newspaper/magazine ads, door/window/store signs, pens, bags, you name it! Some of my most recent designs:


I helped my friend Braun Keith with the promotional materials for various of his theatre productions.

I've also helped  Maylen Calienes, a good friend I made at Universal Studios Hollywood, with the promotional materials for both her movies "The Dance of Death" and "Domino".

I am the web mistress of nine web sites, including my own, which is always a work in progress! I really enjoy doing animations. My favorite is the opening page for Guardsman Insurance.

Jigsaw Puzzles
I still remember when I was in Kindergarten and getting a pile of jigsaws to put together, not one but 5 at a time. Nowadays I've graduated to bigger puzzles with smaller pieces and when I am done, I frame them. Here is one of my favorites, a 55" tall by 77" wide and 9,000 pieces, 'The Tower of Babel', the artwork by Pieter Bruegerl the Edler. The image is a view of the Tower of Babel as depicted in the Bible from a 1563 painting. It adorns my foyer.


I tried Escrima, the Philipino Martial Arts of stick fighting. You mainly hit the sticks not the person, and if you do combat, you wear plenty of padding. I am currently looking for a Guru as I lost mine when I moved.


Swimming (Free Style)

Running and Jogging
I've always been into sports, in High School I was in the track and field team. I was a speed runner. I have a gold medal for winning the 100m dash. These days I mostly jog.



I owned my own horses when I lived in Venezuela.

With my friend "Mandrake" from the L.A. Equestrian Club. Getting ready to lunge her.

I have seven static jumps to my name. Free Falling will be next!

Movies, Trivia, Chess, Su Doku



I've been involved with many aspects of the Theatre, including Directing, Stage Design and Writing. I wrote all the comedy skits that I performed with my Comedy Improv Team 'The Miss-Fits'. Some of my work has also been performed at the local high schools. I am registered with the Library of Congress and I just became part of the writing team for the show I am in, "Paradise Drive".

 Fine Arts:
Oil Painting, Sculpting, Charcoal, Pastels

Some samples of my creations...

I am very proud of my little 'Oscar' statue, it's 4 feet tall, made of Foam, and 200 hours of carving and sanding!

One of my favorite creations is the Trailer Park Sign I made for the show I am in, "Paradise Drive".